HEFKO Products - ALSIUS - Marine Klima- und Kälteanlagen für alle Schiffstypen

Marine HVAC and Refrigeration Technology for all kind of ships

Robust, durable, very efficient and easy to maintain ALSIUS components for air conditioning and refrigeration systems form the ideal base for maximum comfort and cost effectiveness in commercial shipping and on mega yachts.

Especially made up of an industrial standard for utmost safety and reliability, equipped with all safety devices and combined with environmental friendly refrigerants ALSIUS air conditioning and refrigeration systems within their power range set a new standard for highest demands.

Product Program – Air Conditioning

In order to offer a complete system for heating, ventilation and cooling purposes within a capacity range from 25 to 2,000 kW, ALSIUS product program comprises water chillers and condensing units as well as central air handling units and special fan coils.

The refrigeration plants for air conditioning of accommodation, control rooms etc. can be delivered either as direct expansion systems or as water chiller units for indirect cooling.

According to the required capacity or specific demands, plants can be delivered with reciprocating or screw type compressors. As standard all components of refrigeration plants are assembled as a compact unit mounted on a common base frame.

In order to provide highest safety and reliability ALSIUS water chillers are equipped with all necessary safety devices and can also also be offered as DNV GL certified units. Only components of well known suppliers and grade one quality are accepted.

With the selection of refrigerants DICOH Products counts on environmental-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Alternatively R134a, R410A, R404A or R407C are used. In any case can be assured, that all refrigeration systems on board operate with the same refrigerant and therefore operating cost are low.

The heat exchangers of condensing units and water chillers for marine applications are of special shell and tube type design, developed and constructed for sea water cooling and reliable operation under typical ship movements rolling and pitching. Their use offers a very compact design in line with the space available in machinery rooms.

Product Program – Provision Cooling

ALSIUS refrigeration plants for cold stores are available as standard split systems or as custom made plants with sea water cooled condensing unit and air coolers forming a total package with necessary operation and safety system. Condensing units can also be delivered as central cooling/freezing machinery for refrigerators and catering equipment.

Key Benefits

• Economical solutions also with tailor made requirements (stainless steel version, heat exchanger with copper fins, special dimensions)
• Safe condensate drainage by deep drain pan with two drains
• Sea water cooled condensers with Cu-Ni tubes for highest resistance against corrosion
• Environment-friendly refrigerants R410A and R404A
• Air Handling Units also on CKD (Completely Knocked Down) form for easy on-site assembly in rooms wich are difficult to reach
• Approval by classification societies (e.g. DNV GL) optional
• Water chillers with shell & tube condensers

ALSIUS Series – Overview

Name of the Item Air Volume Flow [m3/h] Capacity [kW]
1 Air handling units 1.000 – 130.000
2 Fan coil units 200 – 4.750 0,6 – 25
3 Packaged type air conditioners 1.000 – 21.000 2 – 128
4 Centrifugal fans with and without cell 200 – 10.000
5 Axial fans 200 – 250.000
6 Water chiller units, seawater cooled 15 – 2.000
7 Water chiller units, air cooled 6,5 – 1.150
8 Condensing units, seawater cooled 3 – 700
9 Condensing units, air cooled 6,5 – 30
10 Air coolers (evaporators) 0,2 – 195
11 Condensers, air cooled 0,6 – 103
Components (heat exchanger)
12 Condenser, seawater cooled 10 – 700
13 Condenser, air cooled 8 – 840
14 Fire dampers

Marine Air Conditioners for Cabinets

PLEXUS MAP marine air conditioners for cabinets are extremely robust, especially designed for operation on board of commercial vessels. Their characteristics comply with the requirements of class rules, e.g. DNV GL. They are type approved. A safe operation is warranted under

  • inclination angles up to 22,5°
  • foundation vibrations of 2…13,2 Hz, +-1mm amplitude, 13,2…100 Hz
  • 0,7g acceleration
  • ambient temperatures from 0 to +55°C

MAP air conditioners are available as vertical units for side mounting and horizontal units for mounting on top of the cabinet as well as for different supply voltages and frequencies. Casing is made of galvanized steel, powder coated or stainless steel.

Additional characteristics:

  • easy installation
  • low sound level
  • two capacities of 0,85 and 1,4 kW
  • additional capacities on request

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