HEFKO PARTNER: Hawke Transit System

Hawke Transit System

HAWKE Transit System is manufacturer of packing systems for electric cables and pipes penetrating bulkheads, decks and walls in both civil and marine applications. The certified packing systems can be found in e.g. cargo and passenger vessels, navy vessels and offshore structures as well as in buildings, industrial plants and rail vehicles. They form a barrier against all threads, e.g. fire, water and gas as well as stray air bourn and cable screen signals/noise (EMC). In many markets worldwide HAWKE products are successfully used.

In January 2019 DICOH GmbH became official distributor of HAWKE Transit System in Germany. For German customers DICOH GmbH is the competent local supplier and service provider.

We supply approved modular sealing systems for superior safety, faster installation, total inspectability, cost effectiveness, flexibility and quality.


Marine applications

Designed to be welded to decks and bulkheads, Hawke Marine Frames are made of 10mm thick materials, and provide secure anchorage for any services which will pass through them.

The Hawke cable/pipe tolerant blocks have been designed with a degree of flexibility to accommodate variances in cable diameters. With a small number of blocks it is possible to accommodate the full range of standard cable sizes. This allows a much simpler and faster installation and inspection procedures than offered by other systems and fewer inventories.

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Civil Applications

Designed to be casted in concrete or bolted to walls and floors of buildings, Hawke Civil Frames are made of 6mm thick materials, and provide secure anchorage for any services which will pass through them.

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EMC compatible

Essential to ensure the integrity of computer and military communications. Specially prepared to eliminate stray air bourn and cable screen signals/noise, apart from being certified as a fire, water and gas barrier.

Stray signal/noise cannot pass through the conductive EMC and pass to earth. Tolerant and filler blocks have a cable range of 3mm to 100mm and are coated with a high conductive material. Copper tape provides high conductive path from cable screen to earth.

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Hawke H-DM is a light cable sealing solution made of aluminium for soft liquid and dust conditions, specially designed for the sealing of electrical panel boards and cabinets.

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Change of name HEFKO GmbH to DICOH GmbH

Die HEFKO GmbH hat umfirmiert. Seit dem 15. Februar 2024 stehen wir Ihnen unter dem Firmennamen DICOH GmbH zur Seite – in gewohnter Qualität und mit gewohnter Kompetenz.

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HAWKE opens warehouse in Hamburg – as of now direct dispatch by HEFKO GmbH

In September 2020 HAWKE Transit System opens a warehouse at HEFKO GmbH in Hamburg. This will enable HAWKE customers in Germany to benefit from a faster service for shipping their required items.

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PLEXUS Air Conditioning for 28,50m Customs Boat

Customs Boat "Hiddensee", built in 1995 by the Fr. Fassmer shipyard, was to be equipped with air conditioning systems for cooling the wheelhouse and engine control room. HEFKO GmbH developed an individual air conditioning concept for shipyard Schiffswerft Barth GmbH.

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