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Marine HVAC Components for Boats and Yachts

A yacht is one of a kind in all respects. The design fulfils aesthetical and technical expectations nowhere else to be found. Maximum functional reliability on smallest space characterizes the equipment.


Especially designed for reliability already known in commercial shipping and adapted to special demands on board of yachts PLEXUS water chillers and fan coil units within their capacity range set a new standard.

Robust, durable, very efficient and easy to maintain PLEXUS components of air conditioning systems are the ideal basis for unrivalled comfort on your yacht.

Product Program – Air Conditioning

Generally the PLEXUS Program differentiates between two lines which ether operates with direct or indirect cold production. Depending on the unit they offer capacities from 1.3 to 65 kW. Regardless of which size the yacht is there is in any case a technically and economically optimal solution.

For direct cold production in the room to be cooled self contained air conditioners as well as condensing units plus fan coil units (direct expansion) are provided.

Self contained units are suitable for conditioning of one room each. So they can make for comfort also on a small boat. Without any pipes for refrigerant they are easy to install.

Condensing units and fan coil units (direct expansion) together form so called split-systems. They offer higher comfort since the noise of the condensing unit with its associated compressor is eliminated by installation outside the cabin. Furthermore one condensing unit can feed two or more fan coil units that are installed in different rooms.

For medium and larger size yachts central water chillers and water cooled fan coil units are developed. Maximum comfort by lowest noise level in the cabins and the possible adaptation to any size of the ship are important criteria. Since only environmental friendly water is used for distribution of cold the amount of refrigerant and possible losses are limited to minimum.

Water chillers are installed in the machinery room where they can easily be connected and accessed. All fan coil units and water chillers are equipped with their own independent controllers. They allow individually defined settings.

Key Benefits

  • Compact and rigid design
  • Extra deep drain pan with two drains for reliable condensate drain
  • Frame and casing made of stainless steel 18/10 (AISI 304), partly electro- statically powder painted in glossy white
  • Digital, programmable controller for automatic operation
  • Sea water cooled condenser with Cu-Ni tubes for highest resistance against corrosion
  • Water chillers with shell and tube type condensers
  • Epoxy, hydrophilic coated aluminium fins
  • Cooling mode plus alternative heating mode with reverse cycle (heat pump)
  • Modular system for easy adaptation to all demands

PLEXUS Series – Overview

Name of the Item Air Volume Flow [m3/h] Capacity [kW]
1 Self contained air conditioners, seawater cooled 200 – 1.250 m3/h 1,3 – 7,2 kW
2 Water chiller, seawater cooled 6,4 – 84 kW
3 Condensing unit, seawater cooled 1,3 – 7,2 kW
4 Fan coil unit, water cooled 150 – 1.200 m3/h 1,1 – 7,0 kW
5 Fan coil unit, direct expansion 200 – 1.250 m3/h 1,2 – 7,2 kW

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