MS BREMEN with good climate by Air Handling Units from HEFKO Products


MS BREMEN, built in 1990, is a very unique cruise ship. Designed for expeditions e.g. to the Antarctic or on the Amazon highest demands are made to the equipment on board.

During a refit end of September 2012 two air handling units (AHU) were renewed by replacement through new Flexline units from HSK. The new AHUs for this purpose had to comply with the strong requirements of ship operation and had to fit into the existing space for installation. An additional challenge was the delivery in a disassembled state for quick transport through the narrow corridors and openings on board of the vessel. The task was mastered by the air handling units from HSK manufactured with patented FRAME DRILLĀ® technology. They can be transported in a disassembled state and assembled anywhere around the world with the aid of simple hand tools.